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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice.

Computer Vision Syndrome and The Role of Vision Therapy in Reducing Stress

We delve into the impact of computer vision syndrome on stress levels and discuss the importance of breaks to prevent overuse symptoms. We also introduce vision therapy as a solution for children to develop healthy visual habits and reduce eye strain.

Sports Vision Enhancement: A Game-Changer for Young Athletes at Fox Vision Development Center

Sports vision enhancement sharpens young athletes' visual skills, enhancing performance in sports like volleyball, basketball, and ice hockey. This innovative approach improves reaction time and overall visual function, elevating sports and daily activities.

Enhancing Athletic Safety with Baseline Concussion Testing in Latham

Baseline testing in sports vision is essential for ensuring athlete safety and enhancing performance, providing thorough evaluations to protect athletes of all ages from potential brain injuries.

Celebrate the New Year by Building Healthy Vision Habits!

As we enter the new year, Fox Vision Development Center encourages a focus on healthy vision habits. Specializing in vision therapy for children with learning challenges, the center provides a checklist and instructions for good visual hygiene. The blog emphasizes the 90-day challenge to solidify habits, offering practical tips for maintaining optimal working conditions during near-point activities. From maintaining the Harmon Distance to taking regular breaks, being mindful of posture, and spending time outdoors, the checklist aims to improve visual health. Readers are urged to contact Fox Vision Development Center for a functional vision evaluation if they suspect vision-related learning problems in their children. Let's embrace the new year with a commitment to nurturing our vision for a brighter, clearer future!

How Visual Skills Affect Soccer Performance

Optimizing your soccer performance should go beyond building muscle and endurance. Boosting your game should also include honing the visual skills you need to be the best soccer player you can be. That’s where sports vision training at Fox Vision Development Center can help.

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