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Success Stories

BradleyVision Therapy sees clearly expecting with reading.

The school has gotten easier reading small words. Also, I have been getting less headaches. Because now I can see better homework had been easier. I am less frustrated with homework. In conclusion, Vision Therapy had helped me succeed.

~ Bradley

MatoonVision therapy has helped Bradley tremendously.

Before he started therapy, his handwriting was sloppy, homework was a struggle, and he would dread reading chapter books with small print. He would come home from school with headaches more often than not. Within a few months of starting therapy, he made significant improvements, and we could tell we were on the right track. By the end, his reading comprehension improved, his reading speed increased, and homework time was no longer a frustrating battle. He now reads Chapter books and is less intimidated by the amount of words on a page. Wearing glasses with a prism is a new norm for him at school and at home with classwork or computer work. Not only has he improved at school but also at home with day-to-day activities. He has gained so much confidence and is much happier. I cannot thank Fox Vision enough for the help they provided and the success they helped Bradley achieve through his hard work and dedication to the program.

~ Bradley Mattoon

Family bike rides were a struggle

We knew that our daughter had intermittent amblyopia since she was about 10 months old.  Prior to VT, Cecilia did not enjoy outdoor activities went the sun was shining bright.  She would fatigue very quickly which in turn made her personality less than favorable.  She had a hard time swinging a bat in softball and never enjoyed arts & crafts with her sisters.  Her handwriting was nearly illegible.  Family bike rides were a struggle as she could hardly keep up with her little sister…. even though Cecilia was using training wheels.

As parents of three daughters, we had a hard time trying not to compare one child’s development and milestones against another.  Halfway through her first consult with Dr. Fox, we knew we made the right decision. To have a clear understanding of the way she sees the world, and not just a diagnosis was priceless.  On top of this, knowing that there was hope, gave us much comfort.

Nine months of vision therapy was a big commitment, both time and financially, but we wouldn’t change a thing today.  She continues to make progress on a daily basis. She is reading much more fluently; her handwriting has dramatically improved; and, her motivation is more in line with her age.

Cecilia has shown improvement in sports, softball & bowling and she just learned to ride a two-wheel bike with minimal assistance.  Most importantly she is aware of how she sees and can vocalize when she sees double.  (Generally, at bedtime).  Her attitude has improved immensely too.

~ Michael & Amber S.

All the Ophthalmologists were saying she needed surgery!

SSS logo podcast 1024×824 300×241When our daughter Emma first started vision therapy we didn’t realize how bad her vision really was.  All the Ophthalmologist were saying she needed surgery for her Amblyopia (lazy eye), but Dr. Fox told us that there was no need for surgery.  He believed that vision therapy was the way to go. Since starting vision therapy, we have noticed that her coordination is a lot better especially with her gymnastics. She is more willing to do schoolwork because she can see it and she gets less frustrated with it. We are very thankful we found Dr. Fox and his vision therapy team.

~ Dana + Chris


Vision therapy has been an “eye opener “for me.

When I first started vision therapy, I was very frustrated with school. As I have progressed through vision therapy schoolwork has become less frustrating. I feel that reading and writing has gotten easier. I am on grade level now for math and ELA.  Vision therapy has helped me outside of school too. It has helped me in bowling, baseball, basketball and horseback riding. I find reading more interesting, because reading is easier now. I enjoyed the challenges that Emma and Ethan gave me.  My favorite part was getting new scores on the fixator. Vision therapy has been an “eye opener “for me.


I was demoralized

I am a student at Skidmore college and have had several concussions over the last couple of years, which has made school and everyday life a struggle for me, especially as I have gotten older. I have always been a good student but starting my second year of college I was experiencing tremendous difficulties keeping up with my course work.  It took me hours to read what other kids could do in minutes.  I had trouble concentrating and suffered from debilitating headaches.  I went to numerous doctors to find a solution, but they all said there was nothing wrong with my eyes or my MRIs came back clean.  I was told that maybe school was just getting too hard for me.  I was demoralized until I met Dr. Fox and he understood exactly what I was feeling and knew he could help.  Even before the treatment that was the biggest sigh of relief I had taken in years.  I started working with Skye, who beyond being hilarious, helped me more than I could have imagined. We tracked my headaches until they were completely gone. What I enjoyed the most was that she explained everything we did and why I would benefit from it.  I am ecstatic to say that I am on the Honor Roll and leaving to study abroad in Vienna and it wouldn’t have been possible without Skye and Dr. Fox!

~Sarah W.

Avery Graduation2019 Vision Therapy Success: “Avery Has Grown Leaps and Bounds With Reading”.

Congratulations to our recent Vision Therapy graduate, Avery! She has done incredible work during her program at our office. When she first began therapy, she was very frustrated in many areas. Avery has grown by leaps and bounds in her reading, and is now happier and performing better academically! Her advice to our current patients is to “believe in yourself and keep trying!”

Way to go, Avery!


Kaitlin has been one of our hardest workers during her Vision Therapy program! We have been so excited to hear from her that she feels reading and writing have become easier for her since she completed her program, and we can’t wait to hear how this helps her during the rest of the school year.


Logan recently finished his program of Vision Therapy at our office, and called it “a total life change.” Prior to his therapy at our office, he suffered from frequent headaches and had difficulty with small print. Those issues are no longer bothering him, and we couldn’t be more excited! He has all the tools he needs for success in school and football, now! Congrats, Logan!


Emma saw big changes through her Vision Therapy program! When she first started, she had struggles with reading, her visual memory, and with confidence in the classroom. Now, Emma is flying through books, doing very well in school, and is even participating more in classroom discussions! We are proud of the hard work she put into her program. Congratulations, Emma!


Congratulations on graduating from your Vision Therapy program, Owen! Over the course of the past year, Owen has grown tremendously in his abilities! He no longer needs extra help in school, and he is even enjoying reading the Harry Potter series for the first time! Way to go!

Parent Success Story (Video): “Vision Therapy Has Changed My Daughter’s Life.”

Parent Success Story (Video): “This Is A Parents Dream Come True”. August 2018

Parent Success Story (Video): “I Thought My Daughter Was Dyslexic and ADHD.” August 2018

JUNE 2018 Success Story: Vision Therapy Has Helped With Improved Peripheral Vision!

th 19

From Aleyan….

It has been fun ! I’ve had a lot of progress with my vision and I liked driving to Albany. It has helped me read. It has helped me ski because now I can see to the side of my head, so people do not bump into me. It helped me to dance and to know where dancers are on the stage. I can also catch better. It was fun working with Carrie!

From Aleyan’s mom:

Aleyan has had growth in many areas over the course of vision therapy. The most notable is that of her expanded peripheral vision. Prior to receiving vision therapy, she would frequently and accidentally ” thwack” others with her arms as she moved through space. She now bumps into things far less frequently and reacts more quickly from objects coming in from sharp angles. This has been very beneficial in school and with her activities. Skiing is safer and dance is more enjoyable for all of the performers. She is able to move around on stage and interact more fluently with others.

In terms of reading , she fidgets less and complains less about letters moving around on the page. Her fatigue both with reading and other close work has diminished. Overall, her confidence has increased.

April 2018: “It wasn’t until we saw Dr. Fox that we realized how significant Kennedy’s visual difficulties were”

Before vision therapy, Kennedy had passed all vision screenings and we were told by other doctors that she had 20/20 vision and was fine. However, Kennedy still continued to complain of headaches, struggled with both reading and writing and was very upset by visual stimuli.

It wasn’t until we saw Dr. Fox that we realized that how significant Kennedy’s visual difficulties were and how vision is so much more than seeing 20/20. Since vision therapy Kennedy’s headaches have stopped. She enjoys writing and drawing and is reading almost a year above grade level. Before it was such a struggle to get Kennedy to read and now she can be found reading books for her own enjoyment.

The changes we have seen also go beyond academics. Kennedy used to be very sensitive to visual and auditory sensory input. She would wear headphones and sunglasses to help her cope. Now she attends assemblies, parties, and performances without fear.

We will forever be greatful to Dr. Fox and his staff of Fox Vision!

Parent Testimonial April 2018, “We Wished We Had Brought Jack to Dr. Fox Earlier”.

My son has struggled in reading and writing since 2nd grade. At the end of 5th grade it was significant enough that Jack was over three years behind in reading. Jack lost confidence in many subjects . He came home tired, frustrated and complaining of headaches. We had heard about the success stories of vision therapy with Dr. Fox. It was time to try something else. Half way through the program we saw such a positive changes. Jack was reading better. His writing started to come together. He had less days of frustration. Teachers started to see a more independent child. We wished we had brought Jack to Dr. Fox earlier. The vision therapist are patient, encouraging, and create a program that fits the child. I am feeling confident that Dr. Fox ‘s program has given him the tools to accomplish this.

We want to thank Dr. Fox and all of the therapists that worked with Jack. I also want to thank Karen for always accommodating any session.

April 2018: I Was Struggling In School At 12 Years Old!

I was 12 years old when I started vision therapy. I was struggling in school so much that I wanted to try anything to help me. I do feel Dr. Fox and his therapists helped me a lot. I am reading better and writing better. I don’t always have to wait for my mom to read my homework to me. I have more confidence. I am glad that I went to vision therapy.

From First-Grade Reading Speed to Law School: Darby’s Success Story

We greatly enjoyed working with Darby. We are proud to share her success story written by a member of COVD! Adul

darby 236×300About to begin her first semester of law school, Darby knew her headaches and slow reading pace needed help before she hit the books. These symptoms were paired with lifelong learning difficulty, she was first pointed toward a diagnosis of ADHD. But a specialist in the disorder had a new idea: maybe the cause was an unknown problem with her vision. A member of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) confirmed that this was indeed the case: she was discovered to have the reading speed of a first-grade child.

All too often, vision problems are never diagnosed and go untreated as children are unaware of, or unable to describe, their struggles. A “20/20” score from an in-school screening is no guarantee that a child’s vision is perfect. This was just the case for Darby, who pushed through school in spite of her vision problems, thanks to work-around habits and dutiful parents.

My vision struggles made reading very difficult,” she recalls, “assignments took me a lot longer to complete than my classmates. This forced me to develop good time-management skills and study habits. I was also fortunate to have parents with great work ethics to push me, so I didn’t fall behind.”

After a few months of vision therapy (VT), Darby is reading faster and with less headaches. She has also noticed improved hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision, now noticing “much more movement” around her. “That took some getting used to,” Darby recounts,”it was almost over-stimulating at first.”

Her everyday life is remarkably less difficult as she finally experiences what those without vision problems may take for granted. “Prior to VT, I had no idea how much easier such simple tasks were for other people. It’s hard to understand how bad your vision is until it’s been improved.”

When we asked if she would recommend that others give VT a try, Darby’s answer was a definite “Of course!” And for other adults who worry that “old dogs and new tricks” may apply to their vision, she urges “Don’t get discouraged!” Darby was the only adult patient in a room full of children, maybe a little embarrassed jumping on a trampoline and practicing with toys, but she insists that she would “absolutely do it again […] the improvements in my vision made it all more than worth it!”Patient

Bronson is One Of Our Vision Therapy All-Stars! He Improved in Sports, Reading, And With His Homework!

BronsonBronson is one of our Vision Therapy all-stars! He put a great deal of energy and time into his Vision Therapy and he achieved many successes from his hard work! After his program, homework now doesn’t take hours, and he is more self assured in both school and sports. Reading has gotten so much easier that he even enjoys reading for pleasure (not just because he has to). Great job, Bronson! We hope the changes you worked so hard for make this a fantastic school year!