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Optometric Vision Therapist Appreciation Week – Kaitlyn Dittmar

Kaitlyn Vision TherapistIn keeping with the spirit of Optometric Vision Therapist Appreciation Week, we’d like to shine the spot light on the different OVTs we have here at Fox Vision Development Center.

Today’s highlighted therapist is Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is one of our longest serving therapists. Certified since 2017, Kaitlyn is a very accomplished therapist and adept at handling even the most challenging of vision therapy cases. With a childhood education/literacy background, Kaitlyn is kind and nurturing, yet firm in her handling of children with learning-related vision problems or special needs.

Blessed with a great sense of humor, Kaitlyn enjoys prepping for Vision Therapy Jeopardy as part of our weekly therapist training sessions. Kaitlyn is also a new mom, now watching her daughter, Zoeanne, go through the early stages of vision development.

Thanks for all you do, Kaitlyn!