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My vision had been 20/200 for 30+ years. Dr Fox reduced the prescription slightly and balanced my eyeglass perscription. My vision is 20/100 in each eye separately and 20/80 with my eyes working together. My eyes actually work together better. It is not a strain reading down a page. All the speed reading classes my mother sent me to as a kid, I naturally gravitate to now.
3 years ago
- Sandy M.
Dr. Fox literally changed my life. I lived with pretty severe vision problems for the past six years due to some serious head injuries. I urge you to give them a visit if you have experienced anything similar. He really worked a miracle for me when I thought there was never a way to fix it. I am forever grateful to Dr. Fox and his associates!
4 years ago
- Matthew W.
Very through , and knowledgeable. Dr Fox s personality put me at ease. His reputation as an authority in complex vision issues is absolute! Excellent rating
7 years ago
- Mary S.