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Joanna Sanzo

Joanna Sanzo
Patient Care Coordinator

Meet Joanna, a welcoming face at Fox Vision Development Center since her arrival in March 2022, where she serves as a dedicated Patient Care Coordinator. With a strong educational background, Joanna earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from SUNY Empire in 2021, equipping her with the skills to efficiently manage patient care and administrative responsibilities.

Joanna's roots run deep in the local community, as she grew up locally and has chosen to make Colonie her current home, sharing it with her two beloved canine companions. In her leisure moments, Joanna indulges in her passion for reading, immersing herself in the world of books, and expanding her knowledge. The joy of baking brings out her creativity, and she takes pleasure in creating delectable treats to share with friends and family. Additionally, Joanna enjoys the mental challenge of puzzles, whether it's jigsaw puzzles or brain-teasing riddles.

With her warm and friendly demeanor, Joanna plays a crucial role in ensuring that patients have a seamless and pleasant experience at Fox Vision Development Center. Join Joanna as she helps make every visit a positive one!