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It’s Back to School Time!! Don’t Forget About Your Child’s Eyes!!

what can pass a vision screening 232×300It’s back to school time and we all have our fall check list. This usually includes school supplies, shoes, clothes, a backpack, and perhaps a pre-school physical. What is missing from this list may be the most important item – an eye examination!!

Yes, your pediatrician quickly checked your child’s distance visual acuity (sharpness). However, there are at least 17 other vision abilities that can affect how your child will read, write, stay focused, and comprehend what they read. These vision abilities include near acuity, eye movements, and eye teaming.

Let me tell you about Connor’s story. He is going into 3rd grade, but he is barely reading on an early 1st grade level. He gets lots of assistance at school, but he continues to fall further and further behind his classmates. Thankfully, someone at school recommended a learning-related eye examination. We found that Connor had great far vision acuity, but was unable to keep his near vision clear and single. He was enrolled into our vision therapy program and saw his reading level improve over 2 grade levels in less than 9 months of vision care. Not only did his reading improve, but Connor now likes reading and there are no more nightly fights over homework.

Connor’s problems are much, much more common that you might think. Studies show that as many as 1 in 4 children have undetected eye or vision problems that can affect reading and school performance. If you would like to learn more go to our web page at: or call our office at 518-374-8001 .